Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Tepper Singer & Thierry: Y'all Don't Speak for ME!

Please see the on-line petition created by Autism-Hub host extraordinaire Kev Leitch. If Autism Speaks does not speak for you, to you, or about you -- then please sign and join those who respect and love auties. It's unfortunate that Bob Wright is using his position to create a haven for those with homicidal ideations toward children with autism.

On May 9th 2006, Autism Speaks launched a film entitled 'Autism Every Day'. This film was alleged to depict the realities of autism ...

"I remember that was a scary moment for me when I realized I had sat in the car for about 15 minutes and actually contemplated putting Jody in the car and driving off the George Washington Bridge....[Alison Tepper Singer]"

Please add your signature to this very worthy petition.



Anonymous said...

My brother warned me that these petitions are not effective but merely get everyone riled up.

hollywoodjaded said...

Don't let me stop you from heeding your brother's warning, but I'd like you to precisely define the term: "these petitions".

This particular petition was not done on a boiler-plate on-line petition site, it was created by the owner of the very well-regarded autism-hub.

What has many of us "riled up" is the outright approval of Alison Tepper Singer's homicidal ideations -- which, btw, were voiced in the presence of her autie daughter. Did you see AS's "Autism Everday" by any chance? Has your brother seen it?


Casdok said...

Already done thank you!

kristen said...

A lovely blog. I have 4 boys, 3 of which have disabilities. One has Autism as well.